Historical notes

A.V.S. quality, service, reliability

It was early in the 70’s when Aldo Rosina, at the time owner of a furniture and armchairs components manufacturing company called RoAl, replying to the request of a new client, entered the world of lighting. Following that initial intuition, in 1977 Aldo Rosina and his son Roberto founded A.V.S.

The first product to be manufactured and sold in the closest areas was the threaded tube. Thanks to the commitment and the capacity of the founders, in a short period A.V.S. started exporting this product in large quantities to the US market.

During the 80’s the company’s success and the attention to the investments allows A.V.S. to expand the types of machines thus adding molded items to the production.

In the same years Annalisa, Aldo’s daughter, joins the company and gives new strength to the business by focusing her attention on the European market. Following this purpose, in 1985 the company starts its collaboration with the first agent for foreign markets.

In the years A.V.S. continues to increase the types of manufactured items with chains and elctro-welded items. On the commercial side the company begins to print its first catalogues and starts the first partnerships with several retailers and companies.

In the last decade of the last century A.V.S. starts attending national and international trade shows finding new exporting channels, in the meanwhile the reselling of imported items, in addition to the production, contributes to strengthen the sales. The manufacturing of custom made items starts accompanying the standard production.
Due to the growing of the production volumes and the number of employees, in 1997 A.V.S. moved to the new and current location, passing form an area of 1200 m2 to the current 3600 m2, with a ready stock of about 800 m2.

In the same year the third generation joins the company with Christian and Davide, Roberto’s sons. Today A.V.S. is a solid family owned company with more than twenty people working including workers and agents. Annualy over 4000 thousand items are managed, half of which are manufactured in our production departments. We have about 400 customers in more than 40 countries.

AziendaSede operativa & Stoccaggio prodottiSede operativa & Stoccaggio prodottiSede operativa & Stoccaggio prodotti
avs-lighting-componentsIn 2014 A.V.S. presents the new logo, that in addition to the identity and the core business of the company, highlights, through the graphic of the two arrows chasing each other, attention to environmental sustainability. In recent years, in fact, A.V.S. has focused on the use of clean energy by installing a photovoltaic system and setting all the business processes to the maximum recycling of materials.

Our focus points are:

Product, Service, Quality, Enviromental Sustainability.