A.V.S. quality, service, reliability

Since A.V.S. was founded, we have been looking to satisfy our national and foreign customers with continuously improving quality standards, we have focused our efforts in the development on four main points: product, service, quality and environmental sustainability.

A.V.S. manufactures a wide range of items: all the items that you can see in this website represents just the standard part of our production that you can normally found in our stock. We can supply special items made on customers’ drawing.

A.V.S. offers a fast and efficient service regarding both the shipments of the goods, which are made with our own truck and vans or by courier, and the capacity to assist the customer for any kind of problem regarding design, production, trade or administration.

A.V.S. guarantee the quality of its products. The ISO 9000 – 2008 certification proves both the continuous research for the best partners for the materials supplies and the constant improving of the manufacturing process and of the management organization.

A.V.S. is oriented to the environmental sustainability, for this reason, during the last years, has applied strict internal policies regarding waste management and materials recycling. According to this philosophy the company is well equipped with a 160 Kwh photovoltaic system, that guarantees a significant reduction of CO2 emission.

Sede operativa & Stoccaggio prodotti
avs-lighting-componentsIn 2014 A.V.S. presents the new logo, that in addition to the identity and the core business of the company, highlights, through the graphic of the two arrows chasing each other, attention to environmental sustainability. In recent years, in fact, A.V.S. has focused on the use of clean energy by installing a photovoltaic system and setting all the business processes to the maximum recycling of materials.

Our focus points are:

Product, Service, Quality, Enviromental Sustainability.